Amas History :: 1980-1989

Will They Ever Love Us on Broadway?: 1980-1981
book, music and lyrics by Osayande Baruti; directed and choreographed by Mable Robinson

Mo' Tea Miss Ann?: 1980-1981
book and lyrics by Bebe Coker; music by Leander Morris; directed and choreographed by Denny Shearer

A Local Dilemma: 1980-1981
book by Frederick MacKinnon; lyrics by Alan Baboff; music by Fred Lederman

Langston Speaks: 1980-1981
an original revue based on the work of Langston Hughes; directed by Bob Brooker

The Crystal Tree: 1980-1981
book and lyrics by Doris Julian; music by Luther Henderson; directed by Billie Allen

The Winds of Change: 1980-1981
book by Franklin Tramutola; lyrics by Gary Romero; music by Joseph D'Agostino; choreographed by Robin Reseen; directed by William Michael Maher

Louisiana Summer: 1981-1982
book and lyrics by Robert and Bradely Wexler; music by Rocky Stone; choreographed by Eiko Yamaguchi; directed by Robert Stark

Five Points: 1981-1982
book by Laurence Holder; music and lyrics by John Braden; directed by William Michael Maher

Opening Night: 1981-1982
book, music and lyrics by Corliss Taylor-Dunn and Sandra Reaves Phillips; choreographed by Mabel Robinson, directed by William Michael Maher

Miss Walters to You: 1983-1984
book by Loften Mitchell; based on a concept by Rosetta LeNoire; directed by Billie Allen

The Buck Stops Here: 1983-1984
book by Norman J. Fedder; conception, music and lyrics by Richard A. Lippman; choreographed by Tim Mellett; directed by
Regge Life

Sing Me Sunshine: 1983-1984
book by Robert E. Richardson and Johnny Brandon; music and lyrics by Mr. Brandon; choreographed by Henry Le Tang; directed
by Jack Timmers

Blackberries: 1983-1984
conceived and written by Joseph George Caruso; sketches by Billy K. Wells; additional material by André DeShields; choreographed and directed Mr. DeShields

Anonymous: 1984-1985
book, music and lyrics by Vincenzo Stornaiuolo; directed by Mr. Stornaiuolo

Northern Boulevard: 1984-1985
book by Kevin Brofsky; music and lyrics by Carleton Carpenter; choreographed by Dennis Dennehy; directed by William Martin

Manhattan Serenade: 1984-1985
a musical revue based on the music of Louis Alter; written by Karen Kottrell and Alfred Heller; compiled and arranged by Mr. Heller; directed and choreographed by Bob Rizzo

Bingo: 1985-1986
based on "The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings" by William Brashler; book by Ossie Davis and Hy Gilbert; lyrics by Mr. Gilbert; music by George Fischoff; choreography by Henry LeTang; directed by Ossie Davis

The Peanut Man: 1985-1986
book by Melvin Hasman; musical arrangements by William Greg Hunter; choreographed by Andy Torres; directed by Regge Life

La Belle Helene: 1985-1986
book by John Fearley; adapted from A. Herbert's "Helen"; lyrics by David Baker; music by Jacques Offenbach; choreographed by J. Randall Hugill; directed by John Fearnley

Sh-Boom: 1985-1986
book and lyrics by Eric V. Talt, Jr., music by Willex Brown, Jr. and Mr. Tait; choreographed by Audrey Tischler; directed by Stuart Warmflash

Hot Sake with A Pinch of Salt: 1986-1987
based on "A Majority of One" by Leonard Spigelgass; book and lyrics by Carol Baker and Lana Stein; music by Jerome I. Goldstein; choreographed by Audrey Tischler; directed by Bill Martin

Dazy: 1986-1987
book by Allen Knee; lyrics and concept by Norman Simon; music by Lowell E. Mark; directed by Philip Rose

Prime Time: 1986-1987
book by R.A. Shiomi; music and lyrics by Johnny Brandon; directed by Marvin Gordon

Conrack: 1987-1988
based on "The Water is Wide" by Pat Conroy; book by Granville Burgess with Anne Croswell and Lee Pockriss; lyrics by Ms. Croswell; music by Mr. Pockriss; directed by Stuart Ross

Struttin': 1987-1988'
book, music and lyrics by Lee Chamberlain; directed by Mr. Chamberlain
*Audelco Award - Outstanding musical production of the year

Robin's Band: 1987-1988
book by Antony Abeson and Jerry Eskow; music and lyrics by Maija Kupris; directed by Anthony Abeson

Paris '31: 1988-1989
book by John Fearnley; music and lyrics by Cole Porter; choreographed by Robert Longbottom; directed by John Fearnley

Prizes: 1988-1989
book by Raffi Pehlivanian; music and lyrics by Charles DeForest and Lee Minskoff; choreographed by Margo Sappington; directed
by Lee Minskoff

Blackamoor: 1988-1989
based on "I, Juan de Pareja" by Elisabeth Borton de Trevino; book by Joseph George Caruso; lyrics by Helen Kromer; music by Ulpio Minucci; directed by Kent Paul

Step Into My World: 1989-1990
a music revue tracing the career of Micki Grant;
music and lyrics by Micki Grant; choreographed by Jeffrey Dobbs; directed by Ronald G. Russo

Capitol Cakewalk: 1989-1990
book by Elmire Kline with Perry Arthur Koreger, lyrics by Lou Carter, music by Terry Waldo; choreographed by Welsey Fata,
directed by Tom O'Horgan
*NY Outer Critics Circle Award